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Found 2 results

  1. Hello there everyone, I want to show you one Colombian species I'm breeding some time ago. Is a very small Ectobiid species (Adults with no more than 5 mm); a fast breeder (I already have a decent number, and that's the first generation, in the video you can probably see some of the 7 adults that made as colony starters). And they are a non-climber species, not even nymphs are capable to climb throughout the plastic/glass irregularities (as does Red Runners nymphs). They are not burrowers, but they are so small that the substrate lumps seems to work as caves :-D ┬┐Any suggestion of the species? PD: Notice the ootheca in the center on the first seconds... they carry around 6-8 eggs, but they seems to lay them very often :-) Regards :-)
  2. Hello all, I didn't want to hijack Kyle's thread so I'm posting this separately. I recently had the good fortune of collecting several Ectobius pallidus nymphs a couple of weeks ago here in Syracuse, New York. I understand this is a tricky species to breed, so this is an open invitation to all to share your experiences with this or other small, cold temperate Ectobiids to hopefully gain a better understanding of their captive requirements. My five nymphs are currently being housed in an 18qt gasketed sterilite bin with leaf litter from the area where they were collected. I offered them fish flakes, dog food kibbles, and a small piece of apple as food for now. They do not seem to have touched the dog food or fish flakes before they went moldy, but I did observe at least one nibbling at the apple. I will likely move them to a smaller tub with better ventilation before too long. My plan is to give them a curved piece of cork bark which is kept over a permanently damp spot of coir or topsoil/well-aged compost, and a similar setup on the other side of the tub which is kept drier. Maple and oak leaf litter will be provided in addition to whatever food sources folks here recommend. I currently have a huge assortment of fish foods, dog kibbles, roach chow, bug burger, and access to fresh fruits and veggies. It's a bit difficult estimating the nutritional needs of five very tiny cockroaches, however. Thanks all for your input! -Eric
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