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Found 5 results

  1. Im considering getting some hissers, but i need to secure the tank. Will hisser nymphs be able to escape from this? If so, how can I modify it? Also how to prevent them getting out under the lid? Velcro? 3 sides and the top have the vents. The roach is a female dubia to give an idea of size. The one with the pink lid is much bigger than mine.
  2. URGENT!!!! My building is going to be treated for bed bugs (luckily I dont have any) I need to move my four adult male hissers for a very short period of time. I was warned ahead of time because everyone here is a big fan of my hissers. I have three days to get them out. I also have to tend to my other pets and make arrangements. I was wondering if I can just put them in blueberry containers for the short time that I'm moving them until I set their housing up again in our temporary spot. I washed them out really well with very hot water but I was wondering if there would be any pesticides on the plastic boxes? I dont know if the fruit itself had pesticides on it anyway. Theyll be in there for two hours at the absolute latest. Thank you for the help.
  3. I apologize if this is posted incorrectly I was literally just approved to use this website(and roach keeping in general) I plan to buy two female gromphadorhina portentosa roaches and keep them as pets. I want to give them the best life that I could possibly offer them. This is what I plan to do and I would like to know if any of it sounds unsafe. My roach enclosure would be in my wooden bookcase that has a section for a medium sized television. Ive been looking at a Exo-Terra Glass Terrarium, 12" L X 12" W X 12" H as the terrarium of choice. For bedding I was recommended Zoo Med Eco Earth Loose Coconut Fiber Substrate but I was wondering if Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding would be good as well. I was looking at plastic aquarium/terrarium plants that were marked for pets as some cover for the roaches and then reptile wood branches and cork rounds. I want a natural looking terrarium for them. For water I'd give them water crystals or cricket 'water' (also known as 'insect gel') because I feel that it's much easier to monitor instead of a wet paper towel. Food would be a mix of lightly crushed cat food, small amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables, all in moderation and adjusted once I get a feel for their preferences. I know there are cricket 'water' jellies with calcium in them. I live in New Jersey so it gets hot and cold all through the year. I was thinking about a Zoo Med Hermit Crab Heater or a Zilla Under Tank Reptile Heater Mini because the enclosure isnt that large and Im not looking to breed but I dont want them to be cold. I also plan to mist the enclosure and I dont know if I need a water conditioner or not. I dont know what kind of thermometer and humidity gauge to get so that I can have accurate numbers. The most ridiculous part is perhaps that I want to install a curtain over the section of the shelf that theyd live in. I think a sheer, dark colored curtain would help keep out some of the natural light since I know they like the dark but itd also allow them to keep breathing. The little curtains wouldnt be closed all the time anyway. I dont want them to over heat or anything like that so I think thin and sheer would be better than standard, solid curtains. I apologize if this is all crazy but Im very serious about this. Yes, I am this extreme about my other pets. I have several cats and dogs in my house already (they dont go into the room where the roaches would be) and Ive been this crazy with my darkling beetles. (My mother was an elementary school teacher and for many years we kept the life cycle going, we had several generations all from a single 50c cup of mealworms from petsmart) I just want to make sure they can live full and happy lives. If you have any advice, feedback, or criticism please let me know. please note that I have not purchased any hissers yet, I want everything set up and all questions answered before I do. I want to make sure I'm as prepared as possible to give these lovely creatures the best life possible.
  4. Hello everyone, I just wanted to get your thoughts on the set up I have for my Gromphadorhina hybrid colony. I apologize about image quality but I am not very tech savy... this took me all morning to figure out My goal is a half pet display half breeding project so I am trying to make the enclosure look presentable and also easy to clean and maintain population. There is a 2'-3' petroleum jelly barrier and the screen lid is secured with metal clamps. The colony started on coco fiber as substrate but I found that it was too difficult to keep track of the nymphs especially during cleanings; I switched to a green pet carpet with several layers of paper towels underneath and a hunk of moss which the nymphs enjoy burrowing in. The heating pad is underneath the enclosure but after reading a few post here I decided to side mount it when I get the adhesive. I am always tinkering with the setup and have a few more plans including covering the sides of the aquarium to make the enclosure feel a bit more closed in. For the water bowl I used to use the the cotton ball method, but I recently came across and article explaining how people can help bees in the wild stay hydrated. The idea is to fill the bowl with marbles giving the insect a surface to walk on while still being able to reach the water. I've also noticed the humidity has gone up a few degrees since I started this, and living in a dry climate like Colorado humidity is hard to come by. I keep between 25-30 adults at a 1:4 male to female ratio with anywhere from 3x to 5x that in nymphs of varying stages. I had many more at one point but cleared out a bunch to reset the colony once I really got into the hobby. The plan was to let them rebuild, but since thinning the numbers I have not seen a single escape attempt in months; I have also noticed most of the individual specimen are keeping their full antennae for much longer. I take this to mean they are happier so I will be experimenting with keeping the population low... How many adult hissers would be too many for a set up like this? I look forward to you thoughts. P.S. I don't know how important this is to the cockroach community but I do not euthanize these guys for population control; they are given to local reptile shops who happily take them and even offer store credit from time to time. This way feels much less wasteful to me.
  5. Hi everyone, As I've started buying more and more roaches I was wondering what would be the optimal set-up for my insects. I keep 12 species now, so our home is full of plastic containers. They are pretty ugly, not so easy to clean and their walls are opaque. I really would like to see what's going on with the roaches. Glass terrariums would be nice, but might be expensive as well. Do you have any suggestions for optimal enclosures? How do you keep your roaches? Thanks in advance!
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