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Found 3 results

  1. I like these Eublaberus ivory-headed roaches, but mine took a long time to reproduce, so I might have to buy some more for projects if you think the following will work. Will they eat snake excrement in a bioactive substrate? (Yuck, I know.) Will nymphs survive in substrate if it drops down into the 50's F? Do they produce males and females approximately 50/50, or do they produce more of once sex than the other? I have springtails and isopods, but I like how these ivory-heads will aggressively churn the substrate and quickly show up underground wherever there's a food source. Would anything else eat snake poop without flying or climbing walls?
  2. In a few days I'm going to be receiving a shipment of Eublaberus Posticus. How do these roaches compare to Blaptica Dubia? everything I have read about them says they grow and breed way faster than dubia is this true? I know these roaches need a lot more protein then most roaches can anyone share any pictures of how they keep these roaches.
  3. One of my favorite species of cockroach that I house. These phenomenal insects keep me entertained whenever I sit and observe their behavior. The nymphs are my favorite, so innocent they are.
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