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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone. The other day I've noticed horizontal white streaks or wear on the exoskeleton of one of my hissers that was not there before. I have four males and I keep them as pets. I keep a thermostat in their enclosure and hydrometer and all the levels are normal. I no longer mist them as I ran into mold issues. I live near the coast so it's humid enough in my house that the hydrometer has shown their humidity levels to be fine. They're currently on a diet of oranges, carrots, and cat food. They do fight quite often so these white marks I'm noticing might be wear from that, but I'm a bit worried, either that his exoskeleton is injured, there's something growing on his back or he's not under proper conditions. Has anyone noticed a similar thing with their hissers? Is it normal or should I be concerned? here's an image of his exoskeleton: https://ibb.co/DD8f25t i got them from an online breeder (honeybees100) a few months back so he might possibly be a nymph starting to molt? I can't find any pictures of a nymph in this stage that are comparable to this white im seeing on his back. I thought he was pretty large already but this is my first time raising hissers and he might be a nymph after all, but I'm just not sure. Please let me know your thoughts! Just hoping my roach boys are doing okay.
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