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Found 2 results

  1. So I just got an order of 100 female Dubia roaches and about 60 of them have strange malformed wings, maybe blisters. I have them quarantined from the rest of my colony so that I can figure out what this is exactly. Any help would be very much appreciated, wouldn’t want any mutated offspring of these. Should I flush or feed to beardie. Thanks everyone.
  2. I have 7 Polyphaga saussurei roaches since november 2016. It looks like some are now becoming adults. And while so far they almost never got to the surface, even at night, one adult female saussurei is above ground every night since a couple of days. At first I was wondering that she might be in need of extra food, or moisture. But adding extra food and moisture hasn't changed this behavior. So that got me thinking. My hypothesis at the moment is that this female is kind of waiting for a male to 'find' her. I think so because I've found some articles described the life cycle of these kind of roaches. Shortly said, the males are active in early summer. At that moment they fly around in search of females. Pheromones are most likely involved, but none the less, the female increased meeting changes if she is at the surface (I think). Eggs are laid in summer and overwinter until next spring (hence the reason why they take so long to hatch). So I believe she is looking for a mating partner. I expect her to start making an ootheca soon. For now I can enjoy watching her every evening... What do you all think of this? Have you noticed something similar?
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