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Found 2 results

  1. I keep 2 male hissers (g. portentosa), one of which is very active and aggressive and the other of which tends to be relaxed and non aggressive. The aggressive one tends to go after and headbutt the relaxed one and I’m not sure if I should separate them or not? I know it is expected of male hissers to be territorial but I am wondering if it would improve quality of life for the relaxed roach to be separated from the aggressive one. An additional question- the relaxed roach is not able to climb as well as the aggressive one is. When I am holding him and tilt my hand, he tends to slip whereas my other roach is able to stay on my hand, climb glass, and stay upside down on many surfaces. Could this be due to age? I don’t know either of their ages for sure, I got them both as full adults.
  2. Hello! It's me again! every now and then my hissers lift their abdomens up and lower them, repeating it for a while before stopping and not doing it again. Theres no specific cycle but every couple of days one of the four will do it (they arent housed together btw) and I have no clue what's happening. Are they pooping? Are they trying to molt (probably not because two already did)? They cant see eachother and dont come in contact with eachother so I don't think theyre trying to fight anything. Its very strange to watch their little cockroach push ups. Info: each roach is a male gromphadorhina portentosa and housed seperately. they all have enclosures around 75°F and their humidity is 50%. I mist them twice a day but I think Im just going to keep a dry enclosure since they eat most of their fresh fruits and Im assuming theyre drinking from those.
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