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Found 4 results

  1. I have 10 females and 1 male hissing cockroaches. I have this one cockroach (female) that always stays as close as possible to the light, reacts weird to the touch with a nervous fast movement almost like shaking as it walks. I noticed she’s missing part of one of her mid legs and she has a lot of trouble climbing objects, for that reason I find her laying on her back most of the time not being able to turn back to her feet. Is there a chance she could be sick? Or else? 62252309353__4D59AC99-4ED3-4347-842E-2354970550D8.MOV
  2. Is it safe to out a Zoo Med heating mat (the one for a 1-5 gallon enclosure) on one of those Sterilite plastic tote containers?
  3. Hi guys! Ive been searching for a male hissing roach for a while and want to know where you can get hissers online inexpensively. I already checked roach crossing and would like to know about any other sites to get cheap hissers. Thanks!
  4. Hi there My name is Alfredo and I'm from Mexico. I'm a photographer and all my whole life I liked insects, especially the cockroaches. Now, currently I post some funny photos of my hissers on Instagram, if you're interested (@apshot) In august 2013 an American Periplaneta adult appeared in my house... Fortunately here it is very clean and almost never appear, so I decided captured it and care of all my love. Since then my passion for blatodeos grew. Oh, yeah, his name is Brody and it's a very cool roach and it has approximately 15 months of age My Hissers: 1 Gromphadorhina Portentosa (Male) 1 Gromphadorhina Oblongonota (Male) 1 "Black" Princisia Vanwaerebeki (Male, I think) Also: 3 Periplaneta Americana ("Brody", 1 very recently captured adult female and a young wingless not afraid of me) 1 German Cockroach (All his family died. His family arrived inside a terrarium for my iguana and I captured all. All died naturally and he was born and raised here) Soon?: Maybe a Death’s Head Cockroach but I never seen before... Or some hissers females for my boys... I don't know.
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