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Found 5 results

  1. I have 10 females and 1 male hissing cockroaches. I have this one cockroach (female) that always stays as close as possible to the light, reacts weird to the touch with a nervous fast movement almost like shaking as it walks. I noticed she’s missing part of one of her mid legs and she has a lot of trouble climbing objects, for that reason I find her laying on her back most of the time not being able to turn back to her feet. Is there a chance she could be sick? Or else? 62252309353__4D59AC99-4ED3-4347-842E-2354970550D8.MOV
  2. Today I managed to capture a video of another of my Archimandrita males hissing when disturbed. Anyone else with hissing Archimandrita roaches?
  3. Hello from Colorado! Having just acquired a nice little group of five hissers, I wanted to stop by and introduce myself! This will be my first journey into raising these little gals and I am quite excited to learn some new skills. I have done a general tank set up and introduced the group (five females) and am quite pleased to have found this forum with all of the helpful knowledge and advice. I am hoping to have some nice photos in the future, and you can follow the adventures of this clan on my Instagram account @faelgaulds. Not only will we document the hisser adventure, but I also work with our local Butterfly Pavilion here in Westminster, Colorado so I'll also be posting some other really awesome (hopefully) invertebrate images as well.
  4. Pretty excited here today! The male cockroach arrived and he is absolutely amazing! The ladies of the collective seem to really like him and activity has been high since his arrival. Along with Mr. Man, we've also added a nice tank heater and some cool logs for perching and hiding! While not currently too keen on being held, he does share a very nice display of hissing when fingers are near! All in all, an awesome addition to the group!
  5. I discovered that older male Archimandrita tesselata roaches can hiss. I was completely surprised that when I touched one of my 2 year old males, he hissed. Pretty much the same way as a Madagascar roach does (albeit much fainter). I checked to see if it wasn't through wings scrubbing or something similar. But the abdomen actually contracted much like one can see in the Madagascar roaches. So I did try to make a video of the hissing action. The quality isn't optimal, as only a red light illuminates the enclosure. To improve viewing, I converted it to black/white. The hissing is also quite faint, but nevertheless audible. Anyone else observed this? Only one of my males does exhibit this behavior, so I assume it isn't common. Hissing Archimandrita tesselate roaches
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