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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone! My name is Shon and I'm relatively new to the roach world. I never intended on keeping roaches as pets, but my feeder colony has grown rather friendly, and the little friends they live with have become some of my favorite animals to keep. I have a few pets: Moby (my rescued leopard gecko whom I started growing roaches for), Bambi (terrier mix dog), and my 20g fish tank, which has had a number of rescued fish in it and currently has my last 3 African dwarf frogs -Pumpkin, Jr, and Quasimodo, as well as a ghost shrimp. My roach colony has 2 species, Madagascar his
  2. Hi. I'm an Ultrasound technician from central Illinois. I've been keeping roaches for a little over a year and currently have a dozen species under culture: B. atropos-new starter B. boliviensis-medium colony B. lateralis-new starter E. posticus-new starter E. floridana-medium colony G. grandidieri-small colony G.portensa-small colony H. flexivitta-small colony N. rhombifolia-Large colony P. nigra-small colony P. surinamensis-small colony R. cf. capelloi-small colony I keep these as pets (no feeding out) and first learned of this forum through the Allpet Roaches" website.
  3. Hello! I have always loved insects, so roaches are the perfect pet for me! (I wanted to be an entomologist as a kid). I currently have G. portentosa, G. oblongonota, Elliptorhina javanica, and G. grandidieri (Tiger-striped). Anyways, I have never met anyone in person who shares my interest in bugs, so I'm hoping to make some friends here! Some photos: Edit: Thanks everyone!
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