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Found 6 results

  1. I have a clear enclosure with a mix of different isopods, and I've noticed some of the armadillidium, especially nasatum, seem to occasionally get their front half stuck in shed and die. I've tried reducing humidity, and upping it. I'm currently watching one, through foggy plastic, that appears to be stuck. I've also tried increasing calcium with egg shells (although I believe I overdid it at one point and had a few die off so I haven't added any for few months now). I make sure to have protein sources available constantly through fish/dog/cat food (that's removed if it begins to mold) plus nu
  2. This photo thread won't be nearly as prolific as the one by the same name on the mantidforum since roaches are about 75% of what I keep at the moment, but nonetheless, it should be a fun, little place. Let's begin with my most miniscule and possibly most otherworldly beetle species, your favorite pest, Mezium affine. Mezium affine Adults
  3. Greetings. I’ve recently come across the Isopod community and I’ve been enthralled. After some research, I decided to breed the Species Porcellio Scaber. However, after some research I concluded that in Australia, where I live, there are no colour morphs available other than the standard wild type. It is my personal goal to produce a stable colour morph for the Australian Isopod community. I would very much appreciate it if you could critique my methods and such for this breeding program, so I can improve it. Methods: Enclosures Two populat
  4. I don't tend to post much on forums due to anxiety, but I had to introduce myself at the very least. c: So here is my little story. While I'm not new to researching invertebrates, I am relatively new to actively keeping them and started late last year with my small group of Byrsotria rothi from Roach Crossing. Little loves of my life, my beautiful dig sons, they've been with me through a really terrible patch in my life and I'm glad we're still trucking together. Strange how I always saw myself starting out with a reptile first, or maybe some really handsome pet roach like a hisser o
  5. Hey Guys! Here's the second post in my four-post photo series, this one is on my isopods, and although it's not nearly as long as my roach post, it still has a ton of great pics! Here it is: https://allaboutarthropods.blogspot.com/2016/11/photos-my-isopods.html Enjoy!
  6. My experiences with a variety of species: http://bit.ly/1bG92u0
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