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Found 6 results

  1. I keep 2 male hissers (g. portentosa), one of which is very active and aggressive and the other of which tends to be relaxed and non aggressive. The aggressive one tends to go after and headbutt the relaxed one and I’m not sure if I should separate them or not? I know it is expected of male hissers to be territorial but I am wondering if it would improve quality of life for the relaxed roach to be separated from the aggressive one. An additional question- the relaxed roach is not able to climb as well as the aggressive one is. When I am holding him and tilt my hand, he tends to slip whereas my other roach is able to stay on my hand, climb glass, and stay upside down on many surfaces. Could this be due to age? I don’t know either of their ages for sure, I got them both as full adults.
  2. Hi, I am new to the hobby and have 4 madagascan hissers annd 2 halloween hissers. I want to put a small watercress plant in their enclosure, i assume this is fine if I grow them (obviously pesticide free etc) but waned to make sure!! any advice is appreciated
  3. Around 5 days ago, I awoke to find my beloved MHC, Oswald, lying in his back in his cage and very sluggish when picked up. That day, he began to heave as though he was going to molt. I waited as the days passed by, but he has not heaved anymore and is not very sluggish anymore either. I’m very new to keeping pet roaches, he is my only one, so is this normal? He looks to be full grown, I was very surprised when I thought he was going to molt. I will attach a picture of him for reference.
  4. Hello, My partner and I recently purchased 2 MHC’s, and we have a nice enclosure set out for them. However, over the last 2 or 3 days they have been quite lethargic, barely moving and not really moving for food either. Today we tried putting some banana in the enclosure, it got their antennae wiggling but nothing much. The temperature is stable at 25°C in the tank, with adequate air, water, food, humidity and heat. We care for these roaches a lot, so we are confused about what’s going on. What are we doing wrong? (Both roaches are female, from the same colony. Unsure on age, the only thing we know is they’re still juvenile)
  5. I have 10 females and 1 male hissing cockroaches. I have this one cockroach (female) that always stays as close as possible to the light, reacts weird to the touch with a nervous fast movement almost like shaking as it walks. I noticed she’s missing part of one of her mid legs and she has a lot of trouble climbing objects, for that reason I find her laying on her back most of the time not being able to turn back to her feet. Is there a chance she could be sick? Or else? 62252309353__4D59AC99-4ED3-4347-842E-2354970550D8.MOV
  6. Take a look at these hybrid babies! (The parents are the bottom two, and the two on top are male hybrid offspring) Beautiful crosses between a male Tiger Hisser and a female Madagascar Hisser. I think they're really cute! Does anyone know if they would look different if the mother was a Tiger Roach, and the father was a Madagascar Hisser?
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