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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I'm new to roach keeping. My first G. Portentosa I had for over half a year. Roughly a month ago I noticed her no longer hiding under her food bowl and just sitting out on top of the substrate. A few days later I found her lifeless with one of her antennae missing. Now my other female is starting to exhibit the same behaviors (except she still has her antennae). I'm worried I'll lose my last two roaches. The only symptoms that my first roach exhibited that always had me concerned was that she never ate much. I always had a fresh supply of cat/dog food in her food bowl for protein and occasionally gave her carrots, apples, oranges, celery, potatoes, or lettuce. She barely ever ate yet she always looked very plump. I figured maybe she was pregnant from the colony I got her from but like I said I had her for over half a year and she never showed signs of trying to give birth. The current female that looks sick also won't eat now and acts sluggish. Here is the setup that I have for them: Tank: Two roaches in a 5 gallon plastic carrier Substrate: Reptisoil 10 with some orchid bark Temperature and humidity: Typically 68-71 F and sprayed down with water every day (tank is covered with damp cloths to keep in the humidity) I'm not sure what's going on, or if I should be concerned at all. Maybe my first roach just died of some random complication and my second one is just acting weird. I don't know. If anyone has any tips or ideas, I'm grateful to hear them. Thank you.
  2. Hello, My partner and I recently purchased 2 MHC’s, and we have a nice enclosure set out for them. However, over the last 2 or 3 days they have been quite lethargic, barely moving and not really moving for food either. Today we tried putting some banana in the enclosure, it got their antennae wiggling but nothing much. The temperature is stable at 25°C in the tank, with adequate air, water, food, humidity and heat. We care for these roaches a lot, so we are confused about what’s going on. What are we doing wrong? (Both roaches are female, from the same colony. Unsure on age, the only thing we know is they’re still juvenile)
  3. I have 10 females and 1 male hissing cockroaches. I have this one cockroach (female) that always stays as close as possible to the light, reacts weird to the touch with a nervous fast movement almost like shaking as it walks. I noticed she’s missing part of one of her mid legs and she has a lot of trouble climbing objects, for that reason I find her laying on her back most of the time not being able to turn back to her feet. Is there a chance she could be sick? Or else? 62252309353__4D59AC99-4ED3-4347-842E-2354970550D8.MOV
  4. I recently got a hissing cockroach and she was VERY large and i thought she was just a big roach but shes actually pregnant and i didnt want or expect it i cant raise them all to adulthood theres probably more than 30 what should i do
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