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Found 6 results

  1. I've gathered about a thousand pillbugs and they've been doing great, but now I went to check on them and there's hundreds if not thousands of tiny little bugs everywhere! They're smaller than springtails and brownish red, so I'm thinking they're probably mites. What should I do? Should I be freaking out right now? Will they hurt my pillbugs? They've also infested 3 of my springtail colonyies and my dubia roach colony.
  2. While looking for information on combating mites, I found a thread that only touched on mite paper in passing as an additional preventative. As I've had multiple problems as of late, I was interested in giving it a shot. I found this (http://www.amazon.com/Anti-Mite-Paper-18-10-Roll/dp/B005P0EBGE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1444592163&sr=8-1&keywords=anti-mite+paper#descriptionAndDetails) and was curious if anyone else has any experience using it or a similar product. I'm concerned about placing a chemical laden sheet onto a shelf with my cultures sitting atop it but noted that it
  3. So, the other day i picked a beautiful Magnolia flower for my boyfriend who lives up north where there are no Magnolia trees. I set the flower down on top of my Madagascar roaches enclosure and went to bed. Today i go to clean the water and give fresh fruit..and there are BILLIONS of aphids..EVERYWHERE...the food dish with the chick seed in it looks like its about to walk away. ITS FULL OF APHIDS. They have swarmed all three of my roach containers..they're all over the book case.. I dont know how to get rid of the aphids without killing all my roaches..please god help me... -Jae Marie
  4. I have a handful of G. portentosa adults. In the past few weeks I've noticed a weird white "dust" on one of my males. Not a single other roach has this... just the one male. I've gently given him baths and have entirely cleaned and sterilized their enclosure several times, but the "dust" comes back within a few days. Whatever this dust is, it's TINY. There was one occasion where I thought I could vaguely make out a little white mite walking around, but this dust stuff is sooooo tiny I'm not sure that's actually what I saw. Additionally, I observed my affected male doing some weird behavior t
  5. I received some orange heads awhile back. I split the group into two. One of the groups went belly up in the past couple of days... Care conditions: I was keeping them in a gallon jar with sphagnum substrate, placed in an incubator. Incubator runs 35 C or a bit higher. They had a mite problem that I was going to deal with when I had opportunity. The jar lid had perforations, but there was another container sitting on top of it. There are 2 other jars of roaches in the same conditions (N. cinereous and H. flexivitta - lobsters and giant lobsters) and both were fine. No major change i
  6. Hiya, Well, I have mites in my Red Head tank. The mites look like little milky-colored globules. They are teensy-tinesy - so getting a photo would be tough. They seem to be more interested in the fruit than my roaches. I'm starting to clean the dish and change the food daily. I also use a spoon and scoop up any mites I can see on the substrate. As far as I can tell the Red Heads are all active and doing great. Are these mites I should worry about?
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