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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone. A few weeks back I got a batch of Ergaula Capucina (when picking up my bearded dragon). A lot of babies and from what I could tell maybe 4 adults? The guy gave some to me as a second feeder colony, I have a colony of Blaptica Dubia but its very early days; 2-3 months. I haven’t been using my colony as feeders as a result. Anyways. He gave them to me and told me close to nothing about their care. He simply said they would be fine in a box with a bit of soil (that i’m to keep moist) and some carrots for moisture. Is that true? I tried to but failed to find any credible or useful information on their care aside from the absolute basics. So I have decided to ask here as this site always pops up when I search about roaches! I initially was going to use them as feeders but the more I have searched about them and other roaches...the more reluctant I have become. I’m not sure if I want to use them as feeders or not yet. Would that in any way impact their care? Either way I would really appreciate any and all kinds of information on them. What I’m interested in; temperature, humidity, substrate, food, enclosure size, how long does it take for them to breed, how to sex them (are they a dimorphic/parthenogenetic species?), can they climb/fly, do they make good or bad feeders etc Thank you very much!
  2. Hello there. My name is Nick and I'm from Greece (obviously ). I'm not exactly new to roach keeping, as I breed two colonies (one Blatta lateralis and one Blaptica dubia) as feeders for my geckos. Soon however I'll be acquiring two hissing roach species (Aeluropoda insignis and Elliptorhina javanica). I don't intend in keeping them together, to avoid domination of one species against the other (can they create hybrids?). Of course I won't breed them as feeders for my geckos... So I have a few questions. First things first, do their care differ from Madagascar hissing roaches? Secondly, I want to house them in horizontal plastic tubs with ventilation from the lid. Are the nymphs small enough to escape from the rift between the tub and the lid? As far as I know, for those two species, both nymphs and adults can climb smooth surfaces pretty well (am I wrong?). Also, I will use soil and leaf litter as substrate, with a few wood logs. They are going to be field-collected, so is washing with hot water and the one-day storage in the chiller enough to clean the dirt and kill any parasites or micro-organisms? Last but not least, I wanted to keep few millipedes with the same requirements mixed with them (preferably Archispirostreptus gigas). Is it safe or not? Could they carry any diseases or parasites to the other species, eat the nymphs or use toxic liquid? Thanks in advance!
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