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Found 2 results

  1. This weekend I received 10 small nymphs of Periplaneta japonica. This is my first Periplaneta species. I was always very fearful of jumping into Periplaneta because of their looks, speed, climbing abilities, etc... but after receiving these beauties, I think I was mistaken. Images They are super chilled nymphs... they are not bolty at all. I managed to have one nymph staying put on the same place, while i took photos for at least 10 minutes. One thing that I didn't expect was that these nymphs are poor climbers 🤔 ... it was awkward Lets hope they remain like this while growing up. It is a small colony, and I am already considering to buy another 20... I like my starter colonies to be 30 individuals at least. What are your experiences with Periplaneta species? Any tips/suggestions/comments? I will keep you updated on their progress! Thank you, Cheers!
  2. Hey friends, I've been breeding these since some time ago... Is the first Periplaneta species I've ever kept and I'm in love with them :-) The overpopulation in my colony works pretty well as occasional feeders... Ñom! She likes potatoes
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