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Found 3 results

  1. Hi! This is my report on a finding of an unidentified Perisphaerus sp. from South China, more specifically Macau Special Administrative Region (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macau). 1st March 2020, during one of my night anting (looking for ant queens), i found two small isopod looking cockroaches, one I was able to capture, the other one, escaped into the the existing crevices. It was my first local caught cockroach, but back then i had no idea what it was, and so I posted in facebook and someone helped if it as Perisphaerus sp. In an attempt to id the species, i contacted the local and only Entomologist (Dr. Danny Leung) to try to find if he knew what species this was. Unfortunately he didn't know, since he hadn't found any yet. He left me with one task, should I find a male, I should immediately preserve it in alcohol, and give him for an id attempt. Being extremely obsessed, i scoured the net, in search of more information on how to keep this species. I also managed to find the following research paper, which I share with you now. "Rediscovered and new perisphaerine cockroaches from SW China with a review of sub familial diagnosis (Blattodea: Blaberidae)" https://drive.google.com/file/d/1unAM5fGnaipGFx9GuZZ3NNGJXqHlTCRY/view?usp=sharing Few days later, i managed to take some photos of my specimen. I didn't know if it was a male or female, but it looked as a female to me :D Well, i was wrong, 21 days later it matured into a male. But i decided not to kill him just yet. At this moment I was going regularly to the same place, to try to find other roaches, and luckily I did manage to find one more! :D Again, this one looked like a female, but i had no idea how to sex them properly. They lived together for couple of months, and the male ended up dying. I took him out, put him inside alcohol and gave to the Entomologist. In the next 5 months, I managed to capture 3 female looking roaches and 1 adult male. These 5 individuals lived together quite happily! In this period, I also researched and studied as much as i could about their husbandry. And ended up changing their enclosure several times, until I ended up keeping them on an acrylic vertical enclosure, completely drilled with ventilation holes all around, with cork round pieces with likens attached, to serve as hiding places, and a very shallow substrate base. The male ended up dying in the beginning of August. And in the beginning of September, I was surprised by this unexpected sight Baby Nymphs!! 12 nymphs!! Keeping next to their mother!! I tried to just keeping doing what I was doing, and avoid any extra stress... The nymphs are developing well, and have started to roam the enclosure. On the 15th September, I found another female giving live birth ( or so i thought), but later i was corrected. So I should be having more nymphs soon! :D Today is 2nd October, I still have 4 females and 12 nymphs, with hopefully more to come. And I am yet to get a confirmation of what species it may be. Hopefully it will be a new species, fingers crossed! Hope you have enjoyed this report, let me know if you have any questions! Cheers, Martin
  2. Finally got some of these beauties, one of the first to keep them in the US, fingers crossed they'll breed for me! Here are some pictures of a couple nymphs!
  3. Yeah... I wrote a song lol! 😛 It's a comedic song about the Perisphaerinae revision that came out this year, directed towards people who still use the old names, (even when many of them have been informed of the changes). Watch it here Just to be clear, I'm not actually trying to insult or hate on anyone for using the old names, just trying to inform people in a (hopefully) funny way.
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