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Found 3 results

  1. I am getting a culture of Armadillidium vulgare "St. Lucia" shortly. Has anyone ever tried selectively breeding the different colours of this animal? I understand that there is quite the variation under this locality, but is it possible? I would love to isolate some Jade coloured individuals eventually. I think they are quite beautiful. Does anyone know if the wild type colours are linked to sex? If anyone has and extra tips I would appreciate it. Stay safe guys.
  2. I've gathered about a thousand pillbugs and they've been doing great, but now I went to check on them and there's hundreds if not thousands of tiny little bugs everywhere! They're smaller than springtails and brownish red, so I'm thinking they're probably mites. What should I do? Should I be freaking out right now? Will they hurt my pillbugs? They've also infested 3 of my springtail colonyies and my dubia roach colony.
  3. Here are some very tiny pillbugs from FL. They are tiny clean-up crews similar in size and use to the white and "purple" micropods. The top one is an orange form.
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