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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, so my last Polyphaga saussurei died today. I decided to look through substrate so i knew i hadnt missed any oothecas and... i found some ( 7 ) . How can I maximize the probability of them hatching?
  2. Hi, i got mine Polyphaga roaches and i've been wondering.. is mixture of : coconut peat ,oak and beech ( leaf/wood) substrate , oak/beech leaves, a suitable substrate for them?
  3. Last night, one of my adult female Polyphaga saussurei roaches surprised me with her effort to climb the temperature sensor hanging in the enclosure. As I mentioned previously, my adult saussurei roaches are, let's say... restless. It's the same every evening, a few hours after the lights go out (except the red lights). What I had not expected, was how 'motivated' this roach was to climb to a higher spot. My hypothesis at the moment is that these roaches try to find a higher spot (be it a trunk or a rock) to sit on and be found by a male. I'm pretty sure there is more than meets the eye: pheromones most likely (love is in the air?). The sub-adults stay hidden all the time, but this one... I could even touch her and it took some probing for her to release and burrow again in the substrate (to reappear half an hour later). I changed the wire configuration to thwart the next attempt (the enclosure does not have a lid, as I did not expect such action from these 'non-climbers'). Anyone else got such bold Polyphaga roaches?
  4. I just came upon two Polyphaga saussurei and would like some tips and advice on keeping them healthy and happy. I currently have them in a small glass fish bowl (IIRC sand roaches do better in smaller enclosures?) with a substrate mix of coco fiber, finely chopped oak leaves and a bit of sand. I haven't been offering any water or misting, just a carrot or apple chunk every few days, which they don't seem to be eating. The temp in my roach room is 78-85F depending on the time of day (I like to do a natural cool down at night and high temp around noon). The air humidity is about 30%.They are very active (love the flips they do) if I take them out, but I haven't seen them moving while in the bowl. I'm just looking for some tips/advice on keeping these ladies, as I can't find much about this particular species online. Hoping someone has experience in breeding them, as I'd love to see some ooths show up, and I'm kind of thinking my setup might not be optimal.
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