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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, i got mine Polyphaga roaches and i've been wondering.. is mixture of : coconut peat ,oak and beech ( leaf/wood) substrate , oak/beech leaves, a suitable substrate for them?
  2. Last night, one of my adult female Polyphaga saussurei roaches surprised me with her effort to climb the temperature sensor hanging in the enclosure. As I mentioned previously, my adult saussurei roaches are, let's say... restless. It's the same every evening, a few hours after the lights go out (except the red lights). What I had not expected, was how 'motivated' this roach was to climb to a higher spot. My hypothesis at the moment is that these roaches try to find a higher spot (be it a trunk or a rock) to sit on and be found by a male. I'm pretty sure there is more than meets the e
  3. I just came upon two Polyphaga saussurei and would like some tips and advice on keeping them healthy and happy. I currently have them in a small glass fish bowl (IIRC sand roaches do better in smaller enclosures?) with a substrate mix of coco fiber, finely chopped oak leaves and a bit of sand. I haven't been offering any water or misting, just a carrot or apple chunk every few days, which they don't seem to be eating. The temp in my roach room is 78-85F depending on the time of day (I like to do a natural cool down at night and high temp around noon). The air humidity is about 30%.They are ver
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