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Found 3 results

  1. I got 7 hissers at the beginning of January. If I'm counting/observing correctly, they've since had 4 broods of nymphs. I sold 20 to a kid from craigslist yesterday, but at this rate I'm still going to have a serious population issue in a few months if I'm not proactive. I'm removing the under-tank heater to slow them down a little bit. My plan was to get a carnivorous insect or two, or perhaps a bearded dragon, to help manage the population. According to this thread, they're too tough for most critters to eat. I don't particularly want a lizard big enough to get into fights with my cat. Are nymphs/juveniles too tough? I feel like the right hungry mouths could take care of most of them before they reach adulthood. Stray adults seem like they might be easier to pass to someone else than toilet paper tubes full of scuttling legs, like I sold yesterday. That may be more of a niche market. What options do I have for population control if they don't make good feeders for anything besides tegus or monitors?
  2. Hello from Colorado! Having just acquired a nice little group of five hissers, I wanted to stop by and introduce myself! This will be my first journey into raising these little gals and I am quite excited to learn some new skills. I have done a general tank set up and introduced the group (five females) and am quite pleased to have found this forum with all of the helpful knowledge and advice. I am hoping to have some nice photos in the future, and you can follow the adventures of this clan on my Instagram account @faelgaulds. Not only will we document the hisser adventure, but I also work with our local Butterfly Pavilion here in Westminster, Colorado so I'll also be posting some other really awesome (hopefully) invertebrate images as well.
  3. My Mixed Box of Ten Hissers(One died the other week) just making it to adulthood.
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