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Found 3 results

  1. I got 7 hissers at the beginning of January. If I'm counting/observing correctly, they've since had 4 broods of nymphs. I sold 20 to a kid from craigslist yesterday, but at this rate I'm still going to have a serious population issue in a few months if I'm not proactive. I'm removing the under-tank heater to slow them down a little bit. My plan was to get a carnivorous insect or two, or perhaps a bearded dragon, to help manage the population. According to this thread, they're too tough for most critters to eat. I don't particularly want a lizard big enough to get into fights with my cat.
  2. Hello from Colorado! Having just acquired a nice little group of five hissers, I wanted to stop by and introduce myself! This will be my first journey into raising these little gals and I am quite excited to learn some new skills. I have done a general tank set up and introduced the group (five females) and am quite pleased to have found this forum with all of the helpful knowledge and advice. I am hoping to have some nice photos in the future, and you can follow the adventures of this clan on my Instagram account @faelgaulds. Not only will we document the hisser adventure, but I also wor
  3. My Mixed Box of Ten Hissers(One died the other week) just making it to adulthood.
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