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Found 2 results

  1. My new colony of P. nigra is not pure P. nigra, it contains alot of P. surinamensis. How do I tell them apart? Does it matter that I have a mixed colony? They don't cross breed since they don't have males, right? /Henke
  2. Hi, New to forum, not new to non climing roaches but now I'm going to keep climbers so I need advice Species I will get is P. nigra and G. oblongonata and they will be kept in smartstore classic boxes with vented lids etc. How do you prevent escapes from them and what could happen if they do escape from the box? Someone opened my daughter's tarantula cage so she (the tarantula) took a sight seeing in our house Lucky me my parents didn't visit us during the escape. So I do know bad things can happens but how do I avoid escapes from roaches that climb and how bad can it be if any of these species do escape? Can they create an infestation of my home or will they die off due to low temperatures etc? Even if they climb they will have a hard time finding food they like so there is not much to feed on if an escape will happen. As a barrier right now I will use lime and/or PTFE spray not sure if I have to use booth. One thing is sure, my wife will kill me twice if they do escape /Henke
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