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Found 1 result

  1. Hello I am new to the forum. And new to M. Rhinoceros. I just got my 2021 pair last Friday. They were doing good. Then today 1 is acting very sluggish. Doesn’t even fight when I pick it up. Barley walking around. I’m trying to figure out what I have done wrong. I have a sickening feeling it could be drying. But also wondering if it’s trying to prepare to molt. Cage is a large critter keeper with lid off. I contacted the breeder. And removed the log hid and jelly cup. Along with some not so brown leaves. Had a slight bit of a green coloration to them. But didn’t look like they had been eaten. 1 is still doing fine. But this one is super reluctant to move. And when it does move. It seems like it’s trying to flip over. As if on purpose. Lifting up more on one half of the body than the other. I see no injuries. And no missing legs. I cannot upload the picture I took. But in the picture there is No struggle. But still soft and squishy. Not hard. Just moving the antenna every so slightly. They are keep in my chameleon room. So 73’-76’ average day temps. And I mist one corner of the cage in the mornings. Any opinions?
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