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Found 17 results

  1. Hi! I'm new to this forum and as far as I have seen on the internet this is the best I've found about roaches... Actually I've started looking at these guys as feeder for my mantids but then I discovered a hidden beauty I couldn't ignore... Especially when I've discovered the genus Gyna! Anyway after some research on the internet I've found an italian site (I live in Italy) which was selling the centurions and I've bought two packs of them since they really amazed me as colorful and cute creatures. around 15 arrived mixed from nymphs and adults but some adults died short after the arrival, probably due to old age... Basically I had 3 adults females, many males, and some nymphs. I started to discover them and learn more about their behaviour even tough I found pretty much nothing on the internet about them, they are very shy and spend most time burrowed but they emerge at the first shadow to eat and chew some leaves. Btw the males are actually crazy sometimes and they keep running and flying everywhere, I've also noticed that all stages like to climb and "reach high places" since at first I've put them in a large naturalistic terrarium, and only later I've placed them in a small container since they were too few and I wanted to monitorate them better. The thing is that finally when I've changed the substrate some days ago I've found more than 20 whites nymphs around one of the females! I've counted and separeted 24 of them and placed them in another smaller container. Later however I've discovered more of them still in the adult container and I left them there. They turned into brown few hours later and they also started eating a little bit of fish food and leaves, pretty much like the adults. I see them very healty and active for now, I can't see them often actually but as soon as I lift a death leaf they are all running and scampering underneth it... Now I'm planning to raise them in order to have a remarkable colony as final goal and at the same time I want to study them and understand more about their behaviour and their optimal habitat, since almost no information are available online... Has anyone here ever kept them before? If someone is willing to give me some advice it would be great and if you wish I will keep you updated about the nymphs's growth! These are some pics of the tiny roaches and the container, sorry for the poor quality I will try to make better pic next time. (I'm using the phone...)
  2. Guest

    Selling hissers

    Im selling some hissing roachs. Im just wanting to get rid of some of mine i have way to many. I'll do like $15 for shipping and like $1 per roach.
  3. Hi all, My domino roach colony is doing pretty well, but I keep finding legs missing on a lot of them, even adults. Are they munching on each other? How can I prevent this, I almost always have water and food in their cage.
  4. Hi all, I'm new to roach keeping and one of my little Domino nymphs died for no apparent reason. It looked like it had a small amount of prolapse before it died. I keep them at room temperature, they have coconut husk and oak leaves and a water sponge and a food dish with a steady supply of fruits and veggies. I did try to get them to drink water the other day and a few passed out and then revived because they must have gotten water in their spiracles. Does anyone else have experience with them? Thanks for your replies!
  5. Hi, I've been keeping roaches for over 10 years mainly as Chameleon feeders and recent years into pet species. I'm interested in trading or adding either numbers to existing cultures or new species to my collection. Along with Roaches, I'm big into Mantis and Isopods. P. Nivea, Brysotria sp Cuba, N. cinerea, G lurida, T Olegrandjeani, E. decipiens, P. Surinamensis, P. Couloniana, Dubia, Gromphadorhina portentosa, Blatta lateralis, Eublaberus sp. “Ivory” / biolleyi, Pycnoscelus nigra
  6. I was told to post here by somebody from another site. If I need to change anything please let me know! Basically, I found one of my roaches with weird sacks where her wings would be. I have an album of images to show it. So far, people have suggested it to be problems inflating her wings, a parasite problem, and some kind of genetic strain. I'd like to see what you guys think of it. The album: http://imgur.com/a/5mBoZ The Reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/reptiles/comments/68ooyg/whats_up_with_my_dubia_roach/
  7. Hello fellow roach lovers. I was wondering if anyone would want to buy any Epilampra maya, also known as the maya roach. This is a species that will "swim." It will really climb on the bottom of the water on the rocks. It is approximately 30 millimeters long, and adults of both sexes can fly and climb.
  8. My pet roach just received a MAJOR house upgrade, a huge reptile terrarium tank with not only a screen lid but also opening doors! He also has a hydrometer and a thermometer, and a heat-lamp. His enclosure, however, is looking a bit boring with only a bark burrow for his amusement. I was wondering what plants would be good to put in there. They would need to: Be safe for him to eat, should he get hungry. Live a long time (I don't want to replace plants every month. I want plants that will last.) Grow quickly. Look attractive. Be able to grow well with low light and temperatures from 70-80. Does anyone know of any plants that would do well?
  9. So, the other day i picked a beautiful Magnolia flower for my boyfriend who lives up north where there are no Magnolia trees. I set the flower down on top of my Madagascar roaches enclosure and went to bed. Today i go to clean the water and give fresh fruit..and there are BILLIONS of aphids..EVERYWHERE...the food dish with the chick seed in it looks like its about to walk away. ITS FULL OF APHIDS. They have swarmed all three of my roach containers..they're all over the book case.. I dont know how to get rid of the aphids without killing all my roaches..please god help me... -Jae Marie
  10. so, our female had her babies on April 14th, 2015. When should we expect their first molt? We have them on moist eco earth and they are near a heating pad but not directly on it so their temp is about 75F degrees . Ive heard people say that we lose about half of them between now and adulthood. These being our first batch of offspring i really don't want to lose any of the babies :c we've started calling them the 'grandbugs'. gotta love babies!
  11. So, we have three adult Madagascar hissers, one is a little female that we are like 80% sure is a hybrid. We just became the proud grandbug grandparents of 61 little roaches, who just had their first molt. pretty little things! I'm becoming more interested in some really pretty colored wide horns? i hear they have some pretty coloration and get bigger? is that true? This picture has me just fascinated. http://www.angelfire.com/oh2/Roaches/images/GportentosaMale.jpg
  12. basically i just want to know how to sex PRE-Adult Discoids, i have heard a 1001 different ways and im wondering if there is a sure fire way to tell
  13. P. aegtiaca I'm told that P. aegtiaca take up to two years to reach adult from newborn nymph, is this true? How long do they live as adults? and i heard that they eat mostly, leaves and protein supplement, with an occasional nibble on fruit, is this true? how long does this species incubate for? what's the best temperature and humidity for this species? B. Peruvianus How long do these take to reach adult from new born nymph? how long do they live as adults? i use water crystal gel, apples an a protein supplement for this species, is this alright? how long does this species incubate for? and whats the best temperature and humidity for this species? Please comment some answers and thank you for your time, George.
  14. Hey guys, My name is Jae and im interested in raising Question Marks. My friend owns a small pets store where he only sells animals he has bred and raised himself, or his friends have bred and raised. My boyfriend used to work for the Bronx zoo and used to care for Madagascar back home before he moved here (Atlanta Ga) so for Valentines Day i purchased him a pair of Madi's from my friend Taylor from the shop. Im pretty smitten with them so far, but they aren't mine, they are Nate's pets. And my friend Taylor's wife Serah said she would be interested in having some Question Marks at their store if i could manage to breed them successfully. I understand they breed fairly slowly and are hard to care for, but i'm enthusiastic about it all and would like to know more about them in preparation of their arrival. I'm curious on how to pick healthy QM's and how to tell the males from the females. Cage set up, humidity requirements, diet etc. I look forward to your responces!
  15. Okay, here's the deal. I acquired a breeding colony of these roaches a year or so ago with the understanding that I would breed them and distribute them to the US hobby. Their scientific name is Simandoa conserfariam, with the latter meaning "to conserve" and it is in that spirit that I have initially offered them to our members here: Orin, Mr. Crackerpants, Zephyr and blatta70. What's the big deal? These roaches (originally) came from a mine in Africa that was apparently mined for bauxite and they are not known from any other place. Their one habitat is gone, meaning that captivity is the only place they exist. Anyway, I have another lot of 8 of them that I want to send to somebody. So, we're going to let the membership here decide who should get the next batch of them. I am specifically requesting that no member here submits their own name as a candidate. If you submit your own name or plead on your own behalf in any way, you'll be disqualified not only from getting this next batch, but quite likely have your own name moved down the list a rung (or ladder) or two. What I am requesting here is for our membership on this forum to form a consensus for who is mostly likely to do a fantastic job in helping us to perpetuate the existence of this species. Who will keep them alive and share them with others? Sorry, but this offer is only open to US members of this forum. I can't ship internationally. Also, please, nobody send me PM's to ask for these or to be on a list for them. When the next batch comes available I will be offering them in similar fashion. I will be covering shipping costs, as well. Here's a video I shot of the species when I first received them.
  16. What are the biggest pet roaches? Most colourful? Ones that don't climb? Ones that don't hiss?
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