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Found 5 results

  1. Hello I am new to the forum. And new to M. Rhinoceros. I just got my 2021 pair last Friday. They were doing good. Then today 1 is acting very sluggish. Doesn’t even fight when I pick it up. Barley walking around. I’m trying to figure out what I have done wrong. I have a sickening feeling it could be drying. But also wondering if it’s trying to prepare to molt. Cage is a large critter keeper with lid off. I contacted the breeder. And removed the log hid and jelly cup. Along with some not so brown leaves. Had a slight bit of a green coloration to them. But didn’t look like they had been eaten. 1 is still doing fine. But this one is super reluctant to move. And when it does move. It seems like it’s trying to flip over. As if on purpose. Lifting up more on one half of the body than the other. I see no injuries. And no missing legs. I cannot upload the picture I took. But in the picture there is No struggle. But still soft and squishy. Not hard. Just moving the antenna every so slightly. They are keep in my chameleon room. So 73’-76’ average day temps. And I mist one corner of the cage in the mornings. Any opinions?
  2. Hi, I'm new to roach keeping. My first G. Portentosa I had for over half a year. Roughly a month ago I noticed her no longer hiding under her food bowl and just sitting out on top of the substrate. A few days later I found her lifeless with one of her antennae missing. Now my other female is starting to exhibit the same behaviors (except she still has her antennae). I'm worried I'll lose my last two roaches. The only symptoms that my first roach exhibited that always had me concerned was that she never ate much. I always had a fresh supply of cat/dog food in her food bowl for protein and occasionally gave her carrots, apples, oranges, celery, potatoes, or lettuce. She barely ever ate yet she always looked very plump. I figured maybe she was pregnant from the colony I got her from but like I said I had her for over half a year and she never showed signs of trying to give birth. The current female that looks sick also won't eat now and acts sluggish. Here is the setup that I have for them: Tank: Two roaches in a 5 gallon plastic carrier Substrate: Reptisoil 10 with some orchid bark Temperature and humidity: Typically 68-71 F and sprayed down with water every day (tank is covered with damp cloths to keep in the humidity) I'm not sure what's going on, or if I should be concerned at all. Maybe my first roach just died of some random complication and my second one is just acting weird. I don't know. If anyone has any tips or ideas, I'm grateful to hear them. Thank you.
  3. My cockroach named Water (I only keep two) is currently paralyzed and can only move his palps. It started when he stopped moving his legs for long distances and I had to move him to his food and water and he would not hiss. Then he stopped eating. He has not toppled yet though. Please help! Any suggestions?
  4. Today I went to Petco with my gf to pick up some supplies for our new adopted rats, and I happened to go through the reptile section / see the feeders, and I “saved” (stole) the only living hisser in the whole aisle. I just wanted to ask if there’s any health issues I should expect coming from Petco’s stock, and communicable diseases, or other concerns I should have before I introduce her to my colony. I use dubias as feeders for my leopard gecko, and I don’t want them to catch anything from this new roach, as I’ll eventually be housing them together as long as I can see that she’s not being aggressive. According to the packaging, my new roach has been without food or water since February 13th, and today is April 4th. She was extremely thirsty, and her “buddy” appeared to have been dead for a long time. I’ve done my fair share of taxidermy before, he looked like he had been dead for over a month. I’m worried I’m in over my head, and that she’s gonna be beyond saving. I’ve scoured this forum for information, but I would still greatly appreciate any tips you can offer! (I will try and post some pics soon)
  5. I have a huge male gromphadorhina portentosa that I have become very close to. It hangs out with me for days at a time even sleeping under my covers at night and not running away. I was thinking he may have been moving a little slower than normal but I wasn't sure. A few hours later I went to sleep with him between my leg and the covers (hanging upside down from covers) I find this way he can walk around and position himself (usually close to my leg for warmth) to where he is at a comfortable temp. I noticed this time he stayed in the exact spot where I placed him without finding a spot he liked. I slept a few hours to find my leg around him covered in clear fluid smelling of bananas (his last meal). I cleaned us both up and found he was lethargic and barely moving. I put him back in his temp controlled enclosure literally putting his head in a shallow water dish to make sure he could hydrate. I know he was not physically injured while he was with me. He only molted to adult about 3 months ago so this is not old age. He was back in his house for about 12hrs and I checked on him he seem more lethargic now only "waving" a leg if I gently squeeze his abdomen. I changed his water out with grape juice (a favorite of his). I really don't want to loose him since he was a very kind, gentle, well behaved male that I grew a close bond to. If anyone can tell me either anything to do to help him or what may have caused him to become ill I would greatly appreciate it. I have had roaches die after displaying similar behavior before after spending time with me. The first time this happened I thought they were getting to cold and dying as I keep my house a few degrees below 70. Since then I make sure they are on me or close to me for warmth. I have had them run off before and they were found healthy 3-4 days latter and they had not found a warm place to hide. So I think I have ruled out the cold killing them especially since I never keep them out of there house for more than a day or 2. I then started thinking maybe they are getting to hot sometimes getting up to human body temp. However I think I can rule this out as well since I no longer keep them against me and they usually find a spot under the covers partially touching me for warmth and they are free to rome the bed and find a spot where they are happy. Furthermore I have read there natural environment can get to a 100. So I am now clueless as to what could be hurting them by hanging out with me. Does anyone have any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Steve
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