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Found 3 results

  1. My cockroach named Water (I only keep two) is currently paralyzed and can only move his palps. It started when he stopped moving his legs for long distances and I had to move him to his food and water and he would not hiss. Then he stopped eating. He has not toppled yet though. Please help! Any suggestions?
  2. Today I went to Petco with my gf to pick up some supplies for our new adopted rats, and I happened to go through the reptile section / see the feeders, and I “saved” (stole) the only living hisser in the whole aisle. I just wanted to ask if there’s any health issues I should expect coming from Petco’s stock, and communicable diseases, or other concerns I should have before I introduce her to my colony. I use dubias as feeders for my leopard gecko, and I don’t want them to catch anything from this new roach, as I’ll eventually be housing them together as long as I can see that she’s not being a
  3. I have a huge male gromphadorhina portentosa that I have become very close to. It hangs out with me for days at a time even sleeping under my covers at night and not running away. I was thinking he may have been moving a little slower than normal but I wasn't sure. A few hours later I went to sleep with him between my leg and the covers (hanging upside down from covers) I find this way he can walk around and position himself (usually close to my leg for warmth) to where he is at a comfortable temp. I noticed this time he stayed in the exact spot where I placed him without finding a spot he lik
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