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Found 4 results

  1. I've gathered about a thousand pillbugs and they've been doing great, but now I went to check on them and there's hundreds if not thousands of tiny little bugs everywhere! They're smaller than springtails and brownish red, so I'm thinking they're probably mites. What should I do? Should I be freaking out right now? Will they hurt my pillbugs? They've also infested 3 of my springtail colonyies and my dubia roach colony.
  2. I'm doing my semi-annual roach bin cleaning, moving & sorting extravaganza, and I've noticed that the A. diaperinus and collembola are very dense in some enclosures. For example, a small bin with a footprint of 8" x 12" housing hisser nymphs on shaved aspen and oak leaves might have 200-300 beetles and too many larvae to count. Should I be concerned? It seems like that might be too many as I see adult G. portentosa flicking them off of their legs. Is there an easy way to cull the herd, so to speak? The enclosures with collembola... it's hard to guesstimate how many their might be, but there are enough to look like a swarm if that makes sense. I can't get a good photo with my cell. Again, how many are too many, and how do I easily shrink the population when they get out of hand?
  3. Hello Guys! Here's the last post in my photo series! This post is on all my inverts that didn't fit into any of the categories that I've already posted about. Here it is: https://allaboutarthropods.blogspot.com/2016/11/photos-my-other-invertebrates.html I sincerely hope everyone has enjoyed all the pics that I've shared throughout this photo series.
  4. Let's talk about Collembola. Do any of you keep colonies of Collembola? Do any of you collect them in the wild? What is available commercially or traded keeper to keeper in your part of the world? Where I live, in the UK, we only have Seira species and Folsomia candida regularly available. You used to see the odd colony of Tomocerus species but I haven't seen any of the latter in the hobby for several years. I currently have Seira sp. and some I collected from a rotting tree stump. These are tentatively identified as Pogonognathellus flavescens. I have no adults left but I found young hatchlings today. These are tiny compared to the 4mm long adults. All the best from Bill.
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