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Dipteretrum hanstroemi (Hanström's Little Runners)


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These cute little Ectobiids come to me courtesy of @Bmaines96! 😁 This species is awfully underrated in the hobby IMO, they like dry and warm conditions, are fast growing and breeding, and quite sexually dimorphic! Females have vestigial wings, whereas the males are fully winged and can fly (though I've never seen them do so). This species has good feeder potential, though it's worth noting all life stages can climb well.

Large nymphs:



Adult pair:




Adult female:






Adult male:




BTW, I noticed several of the individuals in my colony had issues with their antennae. It's almost like they would lose all strength halfway down their antennae, and so they'd look all bent all the time. No entomophagous fungi or anything growing on them though, and the roaches seem perfectly healthy otherwise. But after doing some research I found that weak/short antennae is a common problem with this species in captivity.

@Cariblatta lutea tells me this is actually humidity related, if humidity is too high they get these antennae problem. I already knew this species liked it quite dry, and mine always hand out in the driest parts of their enclosure. Guess I just need to dry it out more for them, which should be easy. Then hopefully that antennae issue will go away.

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