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Baby clown isopods!! Need advice


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I found little baby isopods in my breeder bin (FINALLY! Ive had them for about 5months). Do I have to do anything special to keep them alive compared to the adults?

Food: repashy "morning wood"

Moisture: created a gradient (really moist on one side medium moisture in middle and mostly dry on other side).

Light: kept in dark cabinet.

temp: 50F°-85F° depending on time of day and season. 

Substrate: mixture coconut fiber and bio dude fauna soil, leaf litter and spag moss on top.

Structures: three large cork bark. One at each moisture gradient point

Ventilation: two large holes up top with mesh. Moist side partially covered.

Other inhabitants: healthy temperate springtails population and, unfortunately, gnats.

Thank you!!!

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