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Insect Encyclopedia

Matt K

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Does anyone know of a comprehensive encyclopedia of Insects ??

I seem to remember years ago seeing one that I can't remember the title, but do remember it had around 1400 or more pages loaded with hard info and great photos / illustrations. It was part of a dozen or so set that addressed life on Earth. Since then I have only seen such a book on living corals of the world, and that's it.


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There are some popular books with encyclopedia of insects in the title but they cover maybe a hundred species. I picked up a nice coffee table book called The Natural World of Bugs and Insects by Ken & Rod Preston-Mafham at Borders a few years ago (bargain book for less than $10) with 500+ oversized pages and great color photos if you're looking for a coffee table book. If you're looking for comprehensive you need to buy a ton of books and should concentrate on orders and geographic areas. The topic is too huge for a general book to more than take a passing glance at the various orders.

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The book hunt continues....

The one you suggested is out of print, but did find a copy online to order in. Nice books laying around can help people accept my bug obsession.... I am often asked "But why roaches?", and what else can I say but "Why not?!"


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