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Eublaberus posticus rehouse


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From 13l to 18l, better vents, actually transparent so I can see them. 6" waste pipe offcuts chopped up, scored, and stacked up for hides:


Cork bark for more perching spots:


Lastly, since I got back into invert keeping I've had 'cross ventilation, cross ventilation, cross ventilation' drummed into me. But using heat mats in a relatively cool room, I still got pretty bad condensation on the room-facing side, except under the vents. I figured that whatever way the air flowed, there still needed to be a little top ventilation along the edge, to wick away that excess moisture. So I taped down a strip of graph paper on the lid and drilled some 1mm holes this afternoon.


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Looks great! Are the vents held in place with an adhesive or just a snug fit?

I've been using hot glue but I'm not sure how long it will hold. I'm considering getting a soldering gun to melt the screen I use into the plastic tub.

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2 hours ago, Bhjjr said:

Are the vents held in place with an adhesive or just a snug fit?

Hot glue. It's convenient enough and I think it should hold okay*, but to be honest I'm moving slowly back to silicone sealant. I don't know if it's the climate here or what, but the stuff cools and hardens almost as soon at it comes out the gun. If I put a bead of glue around one of those vents I wouldn't have time to push it into place, let alone reposition it. As it is, there's a mm or so gap between the vent tube and the edge of the cut hole. I held the vent in place and squeezed the hot glue into and around that gap. Even with the extra width of the tub it was a faff getting the gun in there!

It works a lot better for gluing the mesh into the vent, though.

* I scored a groove around the cylindrical part of the vent for more grip. Also, I think the rigid plastic of the vent helps a little. I remember sticking flexible mesh straight onto a rubbery food tub lid years ago, the stuff was always peeling loose. I can sympathise with your own mesh problems.

2 hours ago, Bhjjr said:

The wast pipe pieces almost look like wood being scored like that.

Not entirely unplanned! :D It wouldn't fool anyone but for free and easily scrubbed 'fake bark' it's good enough, and the roaches don't care. I hope to use more of the stuff with future periplaneta, less scoring, more of a roach hut setup.

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