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Types of commercial yeast?


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Looking through a lot of dedicated homemade roach chow recipes, I see brewers yeast mentioned a lot. Never bakers/bread yeast. What's the difference?

I see that brewers yeast is inactive. Is that the main factor? Can live yeast be harmful to roaches?

Then there's nutritional yeast, or yeast flakes, mentioned rarely in chow recipes. I suspect that's rebranded brewers yeast, or at least performs the same function. A fair assessment?

Be right back, have to go rewatch Gentlemen Broncos.

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Bakers yeast is alive, never feed that. Brewers yeast is a by-product of alcohol brewing. It is heat treated killing the yeast, and is sold as a nutritional supplement. It is bitter in flavor. Nutritional yeast is purpose grown as a nutritional supplement. It is deactivated and used as a nutritional supplement and condiment. It has a nutty cheese-like flavor. Brewers yeast and nutritional yeast have different nutritional profiles, but both are good supplements for roaches. Plenty of information online detailing their differences and specific nutritional profiles.

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