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Orange Heads! *And Six-Spots!*


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K, one day, at my first reptile expo 2 months ago, I saw some roaches for sale at the back of the center. I asked if they were hissers, as they looked quite bulky and lacked wings. The man told me to "read the card," and I discovered that hissers weren't the only pet cockroach. I begged my mother dearest to let me purchase these "sweet leetle guys," but she rejected them because she said they "smelled." I told her they did not, but I was only half right. One month of conniving and convincing later, I bought 5 adult, 12 large, and 20 medium orange heads for the price of $9. I took them home and fell in love. :P

Over the months, the colony literally grew larger, molts occurring once every few days. I acquired a "veteran" orange head from a friend as part of a trade, as she was "quite allergic to their defense smell," which I usually do not mind or like. :P

So yesterday, while lifting up the now acquired bins of various cockroach species, I opened that which belonged to my beloved orange heads, glancing in awe to find about 20 or 30 beby orange heads.

Of course I was ecstatic. I ran outside at 3 in the morning to proclaim to the world that my lovable bundles of joy had arrived.

So there's my story of how I became interested in keeping the multiple species I have today. :P

At the moment, I have 7 adorable little six-spots on their way to my humble abode. :P

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One of my 9 leetle six spots molted yesterday and today, and, it is probably the most beautiful roach I've ever seen!

The wings are such an odd mix of tan and cream with a glint of turquoise blue, and the pronotum is a light orange, not that annoying macaroni orange, but just enough white-to-orange to make it beautiful. They're so awesome!!!!!!!!! ^^

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The six spots are E. distanti, right? I was looking at those, but decided on B. craniifer to start with, all the pictures I've seen, I've really liked the six spots. Maybe they'll be the next one's I get . ^_^ Can you post pics? I need to get a camera of my own, or borrow my sisters....

PS I just got my nymphs today, they're so cute!

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