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Dubia Roach Morphs

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Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is another one of those "Dubia morphs" post.


After the man behind the famous "Yellow Dubia Roach Program" seemingly vanished into thin air, I was wondering just how many morphs of dubias there are.


Are you keeping / know about a dubia morph? Post it below!

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Hi, I've discovered a few interesting specimens in my colony recently. They may have occurred before but I may not have paid much attention.

I have been keeping my colony since 2008.


From left to right

Subadult golden female , matured golden female(Let's call her Gold Mama)



Gold Mama, matured 'Rorschach' male(I posted in another thread on this boy, no idea what morph this is but looks pretty interesting)



Gold Mama, subadult golden male 



Is the matured female on the left considered a morph? Her colour looks bold but sepia-ish. Male on the right is the same subadult male as the image above.


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