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New guy from the Caribbean

Damon Corrie

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I recently sent off a subscription payment for Invertebrates Magazine, I was pretty excited to learn it existed, last time I checked Amazon.com for any mags dedicated to inverts (a few years ago) none existed (on Amazon anyway).

I guess I like all kinds of inverts really, my son and I breed a reasonable variety for export - mainly to North America, the EU, Japan & South Korea.

I only have (as far as roaches go) Blaberous collosseus, I have 100 adults as pets, but export WC ones.

Doing this since 2000. I'm fascinated by their live-bearing mode of reproduction.

We also breed Mantids (Stegmatoptera septentrionalis), various Tarantula species, Scolopendra species, Phrynus barbadensis and others, and have kept way more as pets including various snails, slugs, beetles, lepidopterans, phasmids, crabs, etc.


PS - Just Google search for 'Microcosmos', 'Exotic Tropicals Herpetoculture', or 'Barbados Herpetological Society' - to see pics of inverts existing in my country (Barbados) or that I CB & WC for export.

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Hi Damon!

It's so neat to see members from all over the world joining up on the forum! I just finished an article for Invertebrates Magazine about a trip I took to Maui. Maybe we should have gone to Barbados! I checked out your Exotics website and was really impressed by your breeding program. I might have to import some of those Phrynus one of these days...very tempting. How large to they grow and what is their distribution...Barbados only?

Hope to see you around a lot!


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