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Need basic help on starting dubia colony


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Im new to this site my names chris, anyways i have 3.5 mos old female veiled chameleon and i want to start a dubia colony. I do not know where to start i need to know.



Where to purchase( a good known seller)

How many to start with male/female count

Basic info

If anyone has dubias they would sell or if it be better to order online.

Thank you for any help.

Example on resources- tub dirt cartons heat not sure what to use


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how much for how many

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Hi Chris,

The only supply you might need from a vendor would be a bug stop material but that's of no use with Blabtica or Blaberus since they can't climb smooth surfaces. The breeding container can just be a large plastic tub or an aquarium with screen lid. I prefer to use an inch or two of potting soil and a sponge dish for watering (some people do not use substrate and feed their roaches water crystals). For food you can use cat food (the vitamin A in dog food supposedly can harm chameleons whether fact of fiction) along with fruits such as watermelon, apple and grape. Egg cartons are usually available from the local McDonald's for free but you can buy them online: http://www.bidabug.org/Forum/index.php?sho...p;hl=egg+carton

You can try blaberus.com , James has a great track record and I think they have Blaptica pretty cheap and they do have various supplies.

I'd personally recommend Blaberus discoidalis or another Blaberus. B.craniifer are great looking but a little pricey as a starter. I personally have had the best feeding response with Lobster roaches (I keep and have been breeding C.calyptratus) but you have to use a feeder container with them since they climb. If you search back through the posts and archives there are probably answers to any question you have on the forum (that's where I found the egg carton supplier).

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