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Little Kenyans for feeding mourning geckos?


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I know it’s not really a roach question but wasn’t sure where to ask this. I am looking into getting some mourning geckos and I was wondering if there is a good easy to care for roach that could appeal to all life stages. I am looking into little Kenyans but I am open to other feeders as long as they can’t fly and preferably not climb but it’s not as big of a deal. I plan on breeding the geckos so a productive species would be nice but at the same time I don’t want to get over run with feeders when I only have one predator. Any help is appreciated thanks.

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Even the youngest of Little Kenyan roaches will be too large for a hatchling morning gecko, on top of that they love to burrow. I think the only two species that'll cater to all life stages of the morning geckos is compsodes schwarzi and the Malaysian night dweller roach. Both roachcrossing and hisserdude sell both these species. Having kept Compsodes it'll be a while before you can sustain a morning gecko breeding project with compsodes. I think your best bet though would be to raise a few cultures of fruit flies(melanogaster) and red runners. Both low effort and easy to culture. 

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I had small lizards years ago, I think they were...my think can't find this information right now.  These I believe have been used as feeders.  They are also popular inexpensive pets.  I'm waiting for the red runners to arrive.  If I ever decide to get some of these little lizards again, I hope the Red runners will be ok for them.

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