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A question about Black Morph hissers

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How long is it before you can tell if a hisser is going to be a black morph? I noticed one of my nymphs that was considerably darker than the rest.

Here's a pic of the one in question. You can see it and the one off to the right looks like the rest of them.


With my "normal hissers black morph" it REALLY varies. They can look black until they are a subadult and then *suprise* they are not going to be black after all, they could stay black, and some look normal when they are small and darken with age until they are black as an adult. So no matter what there is usually a 2 out of 3 chance they will be black or nearly black. Non blacks are tossed or fed to something here.

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With my hissers, if you have any doubts that it's NOT a black hisser, it's not.

I could watch a nymph go through instars 1-5 thinking it was black, but then it could molt and have a mix of red, orange and black. Really, if you're 100% sure, then there's a 100% chance it's a black hisser. :P

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