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Species Comparison

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I now have four species and here is how I would compare them.

Discoid: Very nice species if skittish and very active if you catch them at dusk. Males chase each other all over. Loves moist cat food, oatmeal, apples and potatoes.

Dubia: Least active and least easily disturbed of my species, active late afternoon and before dusk but not much at night....not a big meat or oatmeal eater...will eat fruit and potatoes more readily.

Fusca: Similar to Discoid, but more placid. Active variously throughout dusk and the night. Love oatmeal beyond all else. Best "Handling Roach"

Lateralis: Don't like to hold these guys...very reminiscent of pest species..they will hardly touch oatmeal, preferring fruit, potatoes and moist cat food. Nymphs very tiny lightning fast and timid....so far none have attempted to climb. More active later at night instead of dusk, adult males very active. Had an escaped gravid female....scares me. Will cannibalize sometimes.

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