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My Roach Sorter (Any sizes)


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Two 5.8L Bra plast tubs (this is my small sorter) 

I have a MUCH bigger version for sorting out whole colonies if needed)

I have my own barrier on both tubs so I can sort climbing and non climbing roaches and I've used 1 bolt with washers in the middle of each side for the top tub to sit on


Mesh floor (I have various sizes depending what I need) this is actually my first prototype for new nymphs which I'm still using but my newer ones are much better and you get the small nymphs in the bottom and adults in the top so you can feed different sized things with only one sort as it where


Few pieces of egg tray to make collection easier


Just tap them into whatever you want 

This lot were actually for my scorplings so I tap them into a small tub (any condiment pot will do as long as the holes in the lid are big enough) using a funnel then I tap them out a few at a time into each little Scorpling pot it's a very quick easy way to do it as I currently have 17 forest and 12 desert scorplings to feed it also works for spiders - centipedes - assassin's basically anything you feed roaches to and brilliant if you breed jumping Spiders and have loads of babies in pots to feed

I was asked about the pieces of egg tray on the floor of my feeder roach tubs which is an egg tray cut into quarters and stacked together so I just lift them out and knock them straight into the sorter which takes seconds and you have 100s of feeders ready to use

I've designed various other things to make my life easier and messy jobs much quicker 

Questions welcome 




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