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Collecting Leaf Litter


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So it's that time again anyone with pods (and other insects) will understand collecting leaf litter I collected 12 very very tightly compressed (solid) sacks last year and I've only got 1 left and I've got A LOT more Pods (and Roaches/Beetles etc) so this year I'm collecting about 20 as if I don't use it it obviously just gets better with age and I'm very lucky to have the amount available to me that I do the pics are just one of several collection areas I use


And it amazes me how much LL goes into a sack when you compress it you take a huge pile and then it takes another 1.5 to 2 piles to actually fill 1 sack a perfect example the second pic looks like a full sack next to a pile of leaves but that whole pile actually went into that sack 


Only had 5 sacks with me


Those bags are packed totally solid and are heavy there's about 400+ litres of very very compressed leaf litter there which took me about 75 minutes to collect and I've worked out another collection method that will cut my collection time by two thirds or to put it another way next time I'll get 12 bags in the same time 

A final point/observation and I'm interested in other opinions/feedback I have within minutes from my house an unlimited supply of beech leaves but I've found nothing really likes them especially all my Pods so I only tend to use it for some Roaches and Pods as a surface/shelter layer that's looks nice and lasts for ages and only collect other LL for food purposes the stuff I got today was 4 types mixed leaves including Oak 



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