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Question Mark Roaches different markings


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So I've noticed in this new generation of adults some variable markings appearing which I'm sure others must of had too but I'm considering isolating these adults in the next generation when there will be more of them and trying to breed the variation which is a joined up question mark which I think looks very nice 


The two on the left are the ones I'm talking about the right one is a normal and the top one has the bottom white markings missing but I don't like that and there are several of the joined up ones

Has anyone else had these and opinions on isolating and trying to breed this variation 

Also I'm getting quite a few huge females (compared to the original adults) which I'm putting down to temps and especially diet during the nymph period 

Opinions also welcomed



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Hello Mate

The temps mid/high 70s and I feed them my own high protein roach food either my gel version (like the repashy stuff but better 😉) or the dry powder non gel version and I'm sorry I can't discuss my formula as I'm now selling it and it's producing fantastic results across the board but it's 42% protein from quality sources

I've also developed Pod versions of both foods and a beetle larvae gel food

I feel sub is important too I use forest floor about 4" and a heavy leaf litter layer on top i also make sure the high protein food is available 24/7 especially important for nymph growth and also give them fresh fruit every 2nd/3rd day

Hope this helps



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