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Designed a Beetle Larvae Jelly


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I got my first beetle larvae last year 10 L3 MTU and I'd read about supplemental feeding so tried it and considering my larvae were already L3s it still worked very well my smallest larvae pre pupation was over 50gms my biggest nearly 70gms and the 3 males that hatched were huge 

I also exchanged several messages with Benjamin the beetle guy who was very helpful and said both larvae and adults were a very good size

So i recently got 5 new L1 MTU larvae (blue) who have just turned into L2s and I've started feeding them with my newly designed high protein low fat beetle jelly or it should really be called Larvae jelly as my beetle jelly for adults is very different so I'm very interested how they develope on it as they seem to like it 


I'll probably tweak the recipe till I'm totally happy with it like I always do with everything I design but my initial batch turned out well 


I've also got 2 MTU females in their breeding box (mated to one of my males who's still going strong) hopefully laying lots of eggs for me so I'll have plenty of larvae to try my new jelly with in the coming months 

I've recorded all my larvae weights from the start so I'll have some good information as time goes on especially when my new larvae start hatching and depending how many I get I may split them into 2 groups keep one just on normal LL/RW sub and the other same sub plus larvae jelly then I'll have some comparative information 

I'll update when I've got some results to post 



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Only had one lot of adults hatch using it so far and they were very big but that doesn't really prove anything I'll wait until I've tested several generations on it before I decide how well it's worked

I have more MTU on it ATM including some blue morphs but I'm getting some Goliath L1 larvae and an adult pair this year so rearing the larvae then any larvae I get from my pair will be a great trial for the jelly as I like to record data anyways so  weight will be regularly logged and length of any adults hatched etc so looking forward to collating all that information


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