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Feeding kit for «dry» cockroaches

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Here is a set I have recently received from a company that produces agricultural feed for animals. I buy bags of 50 kg at once.


Light granules are wheat bran, they are eaten most actively. Green granules are herbal flour, eaten almost as actively as bran. The brown tablets are meat and bone meal, they come from the manufacturer in powder form, but I have to granulate them myself so that the cockroaches do not take them all over the container. These tablets are also well eaten.

I decided to severely limit fresh food (carrots, apples) because cockroaches have loose stools. I believe that feeding mainly dry food minimizes the development of bacteriosis, as a result of the «sudden» death of cockroaches.

All cockroaches have wick drinkers to meet their water needs.

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On 12/7/2022 at 6:08 AM, Mark1914 said:

How do you make a wick drinker?

You need to take any container with a lid, drill a hole in the lid, insert a wick from a woven cotton cord. Pour water into a container, and put a cotton cloth in several layers or cotton wool on top of the wick. Cotton wool should be replaced at least twice a month. This is a my drinker:



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