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Winter bugs...


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K, today we had a break in the winter weather and temps got up to 40. While visiting my friend's house, I was SHOCKED to see some odd bugs flying around her shrubs. What could they have possibly been? I have NEVER seen bugs in the winter, and it was a total surprise with snow all over. BTW, I live in MI.

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With snow on the ground! I think I heard of thrips moving on snow in the winter but they dont fly?

Could be stoneflies or winter mayflies.

By the way speaking of surprises, I was cleaning a solar powered walkway light in my house today and after being submerged under cold water for 5 minutes I opened it up to discover a colony of live ants who crawled all around my floor! Then they bunched together and I was able to collect every single one alive! I hope to return them to their "light home" for Winter and put it back outside so they can emerge in the Spring.

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