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can’t find blaberus giganteus babies in enclosure


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Hello, I’m very new to caring for roaches and received my blaberus giganteus from a friend only a couple of months ago. A few days ago my roach gave birth, which I had not been expecting at all. She was the only roach in the enclosure, though I had been planning on getting more in the near future. Since my friend got her from a colony used for her science lab, she said it was possible that she bred with one of the males before giving her to me. The babies seemed fine yesterday and the mother also seems okay, but now I don’t see any of the babies in the enclosure, and I’m starting to get worried. For reference, I have a glass enclosure with a mesh lid, and since the adults cannot climb glass, I assumed the same was true of the nymphs. I know they like to burrow in substrate as well, so I’m wondering if this is what happened. As of now I’m using a substrate typically used for millipedes and isopods. Could this have caused any issues? I don’t see any dead bodies in the enclosure either.

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