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Peppered roach doesn't want to eat anything


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Hello guys,

I'm new here but I have some important question.

I've recently bought a female peppered roach (Archimandrita tessellata) three days ago, but it doesn't want to eat anything. I've been trying to feed her with many different kinds of food, but she didn't even touch it. Do you know what may be the cause (and how to fix it)?

I'd be grateful for any help.

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Do you only have one? Roaches are known to not eat a lot kept by themseleves ive heard, try apple, carrot, also try some fish flakes. Most roaches love fish flakes.

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I started my small colony with 7 nymphs and even as big adults and I've now bred them so they're are nymphs as well now they don't eat a noticeable amount especially for their large size but mine especially like sweet red apple - very ripe banana and peaches but with one roach only offer tiny amounts and change every couple of days for fresh and leave her alone as much as possible but I'd try and at least get a male of you can

I'd also offer a deep loose sub layer (I use 4" of forest floor) with a thick layer of leaf litter on the top and plenty of bark hides and spray often they love humidity I keep the bottom inch dark and never let it dry out

Temps high 70s/80s

Hope this helps


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