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Deropeltis paulinoi


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My ornate velvets keep dying. About one every few weeks. I'm keeping them on about 3" of peat moss substrate at room temp (60-75 degrees). Give them a light spray of water every few weeks and am feeding them a mixture of dry food and veggies/fruits. If someone could post care info for these guys I would appreciate it, I seem to have trouble keeping them alive for long. Might be the temp or humidity. I don't know :(

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Hi there, it sounds like they are too dry and too cold. I've been keeping my colony at 85 hot side of tank, 72 cold side of tank. They are on a mixture of coconut bedding and peat. One side I keep pretty moist the other fairly dry. (usually spray twice a week). There is also egg crate in the cage for them to hide in. I haven't had any fatalities so far (3 + months) and they are producing egg cases like crazy!

Hope that helps.


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They seemed to die after I sprayed the tank so I thought they didn't like the humidity but it's probably the temperature. I'll pick up a heat mat for them today and see if that works. Thanks for your help!

p.s. I don't really want to stick the heat mat to my tank. Would it be possible to maybe cover it with tinfoil and tape it on? Has anyone ever done that?

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