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Personally, I ordered 1000 lobster roaches and 2oz of the Roach Barrier from Aaron Pauling at www.aaronpauling.com

(he's a great guy to deal with by the way)

The barrier he sold me works great. I haven't had a single lobster roach escape yet and I dont even keep a lid on the bin.

My problem is getting them to breed more quickly... guess I have to take that to a different thread.

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I use olive oil and sunflower seeds oil for P. nivea and G. portentosa and they works very well.

I have a question about teflon paint: is it toxic?

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From what I understand it isn't when it's all dried. I haven't ever used it but I think it's the same concept as silicon caulk. It gives off acetic acid when curing but once it's all polymerised it's saftly nonreactive, the silicon that is. Would I be right in my assumption?

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