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Minireef NIghtmares

Allpet Roaches

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I've had my favorite reef tank set up continuously since 1989 (of course the only original animals are some brown zooanthids, valonia, sessile snails and calcareus red feather duster worms but many of the soft and hard corals have been around since the turn of the century or so). Since 89' I've seen an incredible number of nightmares including filling the tank with fresh water after forgetting the hose was in the tank for a quick top off, the light fixture falling in the tank while still plugged in of course (fell out of the ceiling) massive white 'snot' bacteria blooms, opaque green water and various overflows dealing with having a sump. Last month I bought some annoying snails that got up in the inlet tube and backed 10 gallons of water on the floor (had the same thing happen with big chitons ten years ago but never snails). The inlet tube is flush with the water surface but I taped the back end of the containment tube out of frustration. Of course I forgot to drill a siphon break. Power went out the other day (when I was at work, not at home of course, and my wife calls to tell me she noticed the tank flooding after 30 gallons went out and the siphon reached the bottom of the containment tube anyway). Thought of putting the thing out by the curb but it's too heavy and it was less work to make 30 gallons and dump it in), had to clean up the spilled water anyway. I did drill a siphon break (right over the water of course with a plugged in drill and blowing saltwater). :lol:

I forgot, here's a little page with photos I set up a while back: Saltwater plants, corals, etc.

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Old reef photos:

First photo is a top view of maybe 1/3 of the tank.

It contains:

bit of pom pom and normal xenia

green star polyps

5 different types of leathers

green cinularia

kenyan trees

mushroom rocks


branching and plate montipora

acropora frags

large maxima clam

large crocea clam

large Macrodactylus anenome

large sebae anemone

giant green brittle star

1.5" splitting brittle star colony

other brittle stars

1 percula clown

turbos & hermits

ought to be at least 100lbs of live rock if not 200 with red coraline feather dusters, colonial zooanthids, etc.



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Nice looking anemone for sure..... nice corals too.

Those are some crazy looking lights you have there! I always had used fluoresent tubes or metal-vapor bulbs....

One correction: clams are babies! ;) Back in my day we pulled a few T. crocea out of the sea that weighed over 120 kilos...

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You're right the Tridacna are not comparable to old ocean specimens but size as always is relative. They're large (not too large) aquarium specimens.

;) Just pulling your chain Orin !! For an aquarium specimen they are quite large. All the clams were among my favorite sea creatures. You can almost grow a whole tank of them like a garden....

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