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Anyone else keep different species together?

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I've thought about it, but Parcoblatta need different conditions than hissers, and I've heard that giganteus and hissers don't get along. If one species dominates the other, you should probably move the "weaker" one out.

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I've kept G. portentosa and B. dubia and one S. lineola praying mantis together for two years(the mantis for 8 months). This went well but in the end the dubias outgrew the hissers. The mantis preferred the dubias but these guys breed pretty well. Eventually I saw less and less hissers so I seperated them last fall. Now my number of hissers is rising again.

I think that if you keep populations in check, make a lot of hiding spaces and keep them well nourished in different sites in the cage things must work out for two species, which are not similar but thrive in the same environmentally conditions.

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