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Roach ID

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Cameron Highlands, Malaysia = possibly Morphna near badia

Rotten bark of a dead tree in Kemensah Heights, Malaysia = Morphna sp

Humid leaf litter, ground dweller - Kemensah Heights, Malaysia = probable immature of above

Rhypharobia is only found in Afrotropical region.



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Thanks Darren. I'm beginning to love this forum more by the day!

Here's something new. I found this single roach in the secondary woods near my house while on a short walk there. Took it back home for a few shots. It was released back where it was found afterwards. Figured a single specimen wouldn't do much good in my collection unless it's possible to breed.

This is by far, the most exciting find! :D

Length: Approx. 2 inches

Primary colour: Dark Red /Maroon

Secondary colour:White antennae

Location: Up a small tree - Ampang Jaya, Malaysia

Speed: Slow

Musk: Non-musking

Climber: Not observed

Fly: Not observed

Burrow: Not observed

Sexual dimorphism: Not apparent (only a lone specimen found).




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