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Substrate for Hissers


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I just got around 100 hissing cockroaches and was wondering whats a good substrate to use for them? I purchased them to be used as feeders but they turned out to be to "awesome" that I will probably just keep them as pets. They have no substrate at all, just plastic flooring so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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100 as pets will grow fast, but it sure is hard to part with any of them. Hissers don't need substrate, but the little nymphs love to hide in it. I use ordinary soil, but peat or sphagnum moss is probably better.

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With 1'000s of lobsters, that would be a pain! I don't think substrate is necessary for them. Substrate reduces the amount of cleaning (I almost never clean mine with substrate!), and it's even better with small animals (isopods, springtails, etc.) to clean up the roach scraps and droppings. If you like naturalistic/display cages, substrate would look great for the hissers. Very little cleaning.

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